Lay back, relax and enjoy the warm light as it works its healing magic on your skin!

LED Light Therapy treatments work to soothe, while stimulating the skin’s natural regeneration process! Light therapy is a gentle, non-invasive treatment used to stimulate the skin’s cell turnover process and improves circulation. It is great on its own or a useful add-on to more advanced treatments. There are different types of light used, depending on what is best suited to your skin:

  • Blue light: targets acne causing bacteria and stimulates healing. Also treats eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis. Reduces stress.
  • Red light: enhances the skin’s natural defense mechanisms, helping to speed up healing, even skin tone, plus boosting collagen, and elastin. Best option for anti-aging effects (assists with firming the skin)
  • Green light: reduces pigmentation, assists in fading freckles, brown patches, age, and sunspots. Reduces redness and helps even the skin.
  • Yellow light: rejuvenates and brightens skin, reduces redness, flushing, swelling. Energizes the cells, builds collagen, and boosts immunity

LED light can be combined for added benefits e.g., the combination of blue and red penetrates acne causing bacteria and reduces inflammation. Typically, the process involves 20 minutes of exposure to the light. You’ll be lying down and given protective eyewear to put on during treatment.

Follow up

We recommend a course of regular light therapy depending on your concerns

Packages Available

L.E.D Light Therapy – One session $60

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